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REVIEW: Under The Skin

REVIEW: Under The Skin

While many a critic are raving about this sci-fier based on a work of fiction, I was totally confused til the end. Plus- I was completely  unaware til I read the “notes” from the publicist that most of this was filmed, not with actors, but with real  people  who didn’t recognize a brunette-hookerized Scarlett Johannson trying to pick  men up.

O.K. So here’s the story.  Scarlett Johansson plays an alien in human form who  drives around Scotland looking for lonely, unattached men who won’t be noticed  missing  after she takes them back to a cottage where she  seduces them, leading them to  their doom, in order to feed them to her fellow aliens, who are off  in another world.

Johannson has her first full on nude scenes  - 4 of them, in fact. The pacing is slow. The imagery is dark.  Most  of the time,  Johansonn is  just in her pick –up, trolling for male victims.  The most jarring scene shows Johansson’s heartless alien  impassively  watching a crying toddler whose parents had just drowned on a chilly beach with the tide  closing in on the wailing  baby.

It’s a gutsy, off-beat role for Johansson, a far cry from her  big film  opening this weekend.  Honestly, I’d have enjoyed it more had I known from the get-go  that her scenes were filmed with real people who failed to recognize the  superstar. 

This is not your typical  sci-fier. It’s super  creepy , at times sexy and very artsy. In many ways,  it’s unforgettable. 


2-and-a-half stars


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